Who is K4IMW?

More than just my bio on QRZ, but:

My first foray into radio was in 1995, when I worked at a AM/FMx4 Radio cluster in Ohio (WILE AM/FM, WCMJ FM, WWKC FM, WBNV FM).  The Broadcast engineer took me under his wing, and taught me enough to be dangerous when it came to RF, Computers (specifically VAX/VMS and Linux), and electronics.  

From there, I went and grabbed a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering, focusing on RF and Computer Hardware.  I have an MBA with an emphasis on Non-Profit Administration, and a MLS, but, I don't do a lot with that anymore.

I'm currently a Senior Infrastructure and Information Security Guy/Architect at my current company.

Any thoughts or opinions that are expressed online – either here, my "technical blog," or twitter/discord are my thoughts and my thoughts alone, and may not represent those of my employer.

I'm usually in Grid location EL95vs, but, occasionally I'm in EM79rc or EN61ev, depending on my employer's whims.  I love to travel:  I have my private pilot's license and my VFR cert to go along with it, and have taken an interest in WSPR as of recent.  

I'm an Amateur Extra (ok, I could make a 4 Extra joke here, but, I'm seriously trying to lose weight) and a VE through GLAARG.  

If you'd like to drop a note and say hi, feel free to email me:  me <at> ianwilson <dot> org, and I'll be more than happy to help out as much as I can.