FT8 Contacts tonight

Working FT8 tonight I managed to have contact with the Netherlands, Georgia, Northern Ireland, and Italy with a little under 100 Watts. I consider that a small success.   For those who are wondering:

MMDVM and BrandMeister

If you're banging your head on the wall as to why your Pi-Star MMDVM is not registering with BrandMeister and you're getting the error: Login to the master has failed, retrying network You'll

Radio Programming Software...

It's 2021. Why does your radio programming software require a windows physical host? Seriously. I have to keep two computers (which, alternates between a Thinkbook and a Thinkpad X220T, depending on the radio)

New Plates!

So, I finally got my customized plates in the mail today: This is nerdy enough, right?First thoughts: I noticed that the "With god, all things are possible" have been removed from the